Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Lewis Builders Development Joins Daffodil Project for Atkinson

Lewis Builders Development workers planting daffodils at Sawmill Ridge Condominium entrance in Atkinson NHYou may have missed the action along Atkinson's main roads last fall, but daffodil-lined streets are proof of the hard work put in by Lewis employees. The daffodils, planted by Lewis Builders Development, were part of a community-wide effort to celebrate the history of Atkinson by beautifying the streets. Over 1600 daffodils were planted along Lewis Builders Development properties and developments in Atkinson. This is in addition to over 800 that were planted by Atkinson Resort and Country Club, a Lewis Group Company.

In The Daffodil Project video (above), we set up time-lapse cameras around town to capture the daffodils as they bloomed over a three-week span. Timelapse locations included Lewis Builders Development, Sawmill Ridge Condominium, Atkinson Resort & Country Club, and scenic Route 121.
Above: Kevin Josephson, Andre Cote, and Dan Armstrong of Lewis Builders Development planting daffodils at Sawmill Ridge Condominium in October of 2016.

Atkinson turns 250 years old this September. For more information about the Daffodil Project for Atkinson view this pdf. For more information about the town of Atkinson, visit

About Lewis Builders

Lewis Builders is based in Atkinson, a small southern New Hampshire town, and has been in the business of creating neighborhoods since 1958. We specialize in the construction and development of homes and condominiums. Lewis Builders takes pride in the design, construction, and commitment to excellence that goes into every project we undertake.

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